How To Sell More Insurance Without Leaving Your Desk
Hi There, I hope you enjoy this content below. There's some great information here to help you sell more Insurance without leaving your desk. The key to this is to broaden your client base into other cities giving you a much wider reach. If you want to learn how to get those leads outside of where you live then click the link below and lets talk. 
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- Introduction on why i set this up
​- Expanding your client base
- How it works
- Software you will need for free
- Meeting #1 Meeting #2 and Meeting #3
What is Right Signature
How to sign up
What tools you need
​Show you a demo of it working
How to send a document
What is Any Desk
How to download it and install
How you make the call
How to connect with the other party
Actual short demo of a connection
​TIps and traps to avoid
My Secret Calling Scripts
Over 7,000 calls I made using this same format
How to open and never fail
How to gain trust
How to gain Authority
Income Protection, Mortgage protection, Trauma, Life  
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Want to get Insurnace leads and Appointments? you like to learn how to get your own leads online? If you want to know more book a 15 minute chat below.
If you want access to the course to see what it's all about click here. There's over 56 videos PLUS a free section on how to get leads that turn into appointments via Facebook or Adwords. It's the same system I used. 
Learn how to get your own leads that turn into appointments for advisers and consultants.